April 2018 - 2020 V11.9 Now Available.

This version adds support for uploading Panoramics to Facebook, allows you to show multiple walls in a single elevation and more.


Feb 2018 - 2020 Client Presentations

We have a great & inexpensive option for presenting your Designs on the Big Screen TV. Instead of just plugging a video cable in, we have an Android TV box solution that shows a slideshow of your kitchens and then with a single mouse click, wirelessly flicks over to your Design presentation. At the end of your presentation, another mouse click automatically restores your slideshow. The Android box can be bought off eBay for only AU$60!



IT Support by ip Professional

With over 30 years in the IT Support industry we can provide consulting & support services for a wide range of I.T. related areas:

General I.T. Support

Networks & Telecomms

Marketing Support including SEO, Adwords and more

20-20 Design. Catalogue Creation & Modifications