Feb 2018 - 2020 Client Presentations

We have a great & inexpensive option for presenting your Designs on the Big Screen TV. Instead of just plugging a video cable in, we have an Android TV box solution that shows a slideshow of your kitchens and then with a single mouse click, wirelessly flicks over to your Design presentation and at the end of your presentation, another mouse click automatically restores your slideshow. The Android box can be bought off eBay for only AU$60!


January 2018 - Free Webinar

Join Australian Designer Mary Maksemos for a FREE webinar on the 10 Principles of Design. Visit the 2020 Design Tutorials page on this site to register.


December 2017 - 2020 Cloud

If you change your 2020 Spaces profile to use the United Kingdom Market Region and then sign out of and back into the cloud in 2020 Design, your Cloud browser will now show MANY more manufacturers and appliances that are more relevant to the Australian market and includes Bosch, Gaggenau, Neff, Franke and many more,


Example 2020 Design Panoramic 360 Renders

Here are some Panoramic 360 renders created on 2020 Design V11. The renders are in a spherical image format which when viewed allow the effect of being able to move around the render area. In fact, the viewpoint is not alterable but the effect is still an excellent selling point. Best viewed on a Tablet or Smartphone with a Gyro sensor, the image will move as you move the Tablet. You can also view the image using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear/Oculus headsets to get a full depth perceptive simulation.


Link to a variety of Panoramic renders

Classic style kitchen

Closet by Designs by Pauline

Classical Kitchen with modern features

Beautiful design of Classical Kitchen by NKBA's Best Universal Design winner Pamela Livingston-Hardy

Amazing Bathroom

Kitchen with unusual wall angles

Modern Kitchen

Another bathroom